Flyer Printing Process

Make sure your message is consistent, but your language is tailored to the right audiences and mediums. Get your “Call to Action” together for the web, posters, etc., and then get everything designed and printed!

*Submit your “Copy” to the Translation WG,

*Submit your “Copy” to the Design WG by initiating theirJobRequestForm a link can be found in the header of the DesignWG page on You will get a response back from a Project Manager who will direct you how to upload any files if necessary and will ultimately send you the finished document file they create. (Fill out this form: Sometimes the design form is down. If so, reach our to Emily Shuch.

*To get things printed, send to: occuprint@gmail.comFILE SPECS: 150 DPI, PNG file, sized 10.5″ x 16″ or close to that.

Click “Printing Process” to access a longer PDF.