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You cannot evict an idea whose time has come.
The Occupy movement has always been more than a physical occupation. This movement is in each one of us; in our will and determination. It is in our local community organizations, religious groups, schools, and neighborhoods.To bring attention to this, Occupy Wall Street is calling for the winter months to be a time of teach-ins, open forums, potluck dinners, discussion groups, local general assembly meetings and community building projects. Here are just some ways to get involved: (Write to us at about your actions and we’ll feature it on the website!) Join a General Assembly or OWS working group: General Assemblies are cropping up all over the country. Look here to see if there is one in your neighborhood.

If you’re in New York, get information on working groups here. link to

Occupy Your Window: Download a flier here and place it in the window of your home. Take a photo and email it to us so we can feature it on our website!

Present at a school, union, house of worship or community space: Offer your local community groups a discussion or teach-in about Occupy Wall Street, and how it relates to any number of issues affecting your community — austerity measures, education, mass incarceration, workers’ rights, unemployment and underemployment, homelessness, poverty wages, economic inequality, the uninsured… Or host a teach-in about OWS and the history of social justice movements. Invite organizers from past struggles to speak alongside OWS activists. To schedule a Speak Up! workshop, so you can hone your speaking skills, please email, or

Contribute to Occupy Town Square: Sign up to present a teach-in, table or performance at an Occupy Town Square:

Plan an Occupy Your Block Party: Does your neighborhood have block parties or street fairs in the spring and summer? Consider organizing an action to address a problem facing your community and use this as an opportunity to link local struggles to the OWS’s broader messages (this can be as simple as cleaning up an area that the city government fails to, like a park). You can set up an informational table with sign-up sheets to stay connected, and information on local struggles from community organizations.

Occupy Your Kitchen: Or, if you want to do something simpler than a block party, plan an OWS potluck with friends. Discuss experiences as the 99%, and plans for action over plates of yummy food.

Plan a 99% Art Show: Community based organizations, artists, and independent galleries can put out a call for art that speaks about personal and community struggles and victories of the 99%. The art can be featured in a community center, house of worship, a local gallery or museum, or outside at a community street fair.

Pass a Resolution of Support: Ask local community organizations, your Board of Education or your city council to pass resolutions of support for the Occupy Movement. Find a sample resolution here, Resolution of Support – Download.

Start a neighborhood assembly: If an Assembly doesn’t exist in your community, feel empowered to start one! Start by visiting other GAs and see what works and what does not – take notes and interview others who have started their own GAs. Check out online resources like and Email if you need guidance.

Occupy Our Homes: Join the movement to stop wrongful foreclosures and evictions. Learn more by visiting