Inequality Fact Sheet

Time for the 99% to Get Together!

Why join Occupy Wall Street?

Because the employment rate is the lowest it has been since the Great Depression…..

And corporate profits just hit another all time high!

Why join Occupy Wall Street?

Because14 million Americans want to work, and cannot find a job of any kind…..

Social mobility just hit the lowest point in our history….

And the wealthiest 20% of Americans

made more money in 2007 than the rest of the nation combined.

Why join Occupy Wall Street?

Because the minimum wage has dropped and dropped,

and average hourly earnings have not increased for over 50 years…..

And the incomes of the wealthiest 1% of Americans

nearly tripled between 1979 and 2007.

Again: Why join Occupy Wall Street?

Because the wealthiest 5% in this country hold 70% of the nation’s wealth, and the top 1% holds close to half (42%) of our wealth!

Because taxes on the rich are the lowest they have ever been, and today the top 1% actually pay less in taxes than the 9% below them!

Because that means that income disparity in the U.S. is worse than in India, Iran, and China….And our degree of economic inequality matches one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere (Honduras)

Because when the banks collapsed, our government bailed them out with interest-free loansso that they could continue the lending upon which our economy is said to rely. But lending sharply dropped thereafter, and has yet to recover, and nowadays, the banks have shifted most their lending to…..the American government at an interest.