Get Oriented

Wondering how to plug in to OWS? Wondering what we’re doing these days? Email for more information, or come to an orientation session. Orientation Sessions will be held every Saturday to help answer these questions and more.

Join us at the next OWS Orientation, every Saturday at 2pm. As of 4/7/12, we are meeting at Union Square, at the Gandhi Statue near the subway entrance.

We’ll have a mix of newbies, occupiers and activists. Our hope is to give the lay of the land, discuss the issues we all care about and get people connected to groups and projects that they care about.

You can email Tascha at if you have any questions, aren’t able to make Saturday or whatever else. We do our best to get back to people promptly but please be understanding if it takes a day or two. Things are heating up here!

Come get connected and become a part of taking Occupy forward! You can also check out The OWS Project List for more ideas about how to get involved!